Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Travel: Vigan City (things)

Things I really love during our Vigan visit... 

Interesting telephones, my first time to see the real (antique) thing.
Inside Padre Burgos Museum

Inside Padre Burgos Museum

Coolets (Hands Off) :D

Dial-up Telephone as per our Eng'g. Supervisor :D

Cy will kill me :D he told me to never post this in FB, well this is not FB lols!

at the reception desk of Cordillera Inn

at the reception desk of Grandpas Inn

while Cy was sleeping I strolled around the hotel and found these retro
phones... so cool noh? :D (even the fan)

Chandeliers and Lamps

At the lobby of Cordillera Inn

I find this cute (pink and green) hanging lamp, so chic :D 

Lampara (center piece)

Mr. Salt and Mrs Pepper are fighting
(see how far they are from each other...lols :D)

Jars and Lunchboxes

Water Jars (with faucet)

Cool!  they already have lunch boxes before :D

Musical Instruments

The lobby of Grandpas Inn (I remember our house with their floor)

Old trumpets and Piano


Retro Radio

And this where we stayed for the night, this is the coolest place ever, you will see a lot of interesting things inside their hotel, Cafe and restaurant... the paintings on their walls are even for sale (may kamahalan nga lang)... cheapest food and cheapest souvenirs.

to be cont. 



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