Sunday, July 15, 2012

Future Home

Sunday duty at the hotel and I hate working on Sundays not that it's Sabbath day... I just don't feel like working. And this made me do a lot of thinking like my future home, what would it be like? Well, no matter what it looks like and even though it's not that big I want to have three (luxurious) parts in it.

First, is a bathtub... 
(I love water so much, I want to soak my body in it for hours)

Second, is a mini walk-in closet...
(I want my personal belongings organized and intact in just one room, I don't want seeing them lying around inside the bedroom.)

...and the third is a small garden.
(Where I can plant some herbs and vegetables.)

Dreaming to achieve all of these three (luxurious) parts is what I (really) want. Goodluck to me!!!



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