Monday, July 30, 2012

(Still) Rainy Weekend

Even it rained all weekend its not that dreadful for us, I washed our laundry and Cy did all the cooking from breakfast to dinner. I read a lot of blogs (as in a lot), while Cy's doing some carpentry works and when I woke up from my afternoon nap, this is what I saw...

I'm so happy Cy started to paint again, at first I'm just watching him I even ate instant noodles while watching...

And I didn't take it anymore my hands went itchy I wanted to brush some paint and he let me do some brushing lols! We had a great evening, I helped him with his painting while listening to Jam 88.3 all alternative rock music, last night (Sunday) it's all (almost) fantastic females from Alanis to Shanaia T. to Michelle Branch and etc. and by midnight I went to bed, I have a 7am duty in the morning.


My Blue Buddha (statue) friend is not that lonely than I thought here's why...

Here's where I live, my room is the right window and the left window is the bar guy's room.

Hope everyone had a great weekend :D

xoxo, L

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