Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Granny - Lola

Who are still using wooden clothespin or clothes clip nowadays?

Mostly all of us uses the plastic clothes clip...

but believe or not my Lola Jacinto-Expectacion Marano still does...

I am missing my Lola (grandmother)... she's getting old already, she gets tired easily... I am praying and wishing that she's still around on my wedding day to give a word of wisdom on married life. I witnessed how sweet my Lolo (Grandfather) was to her, hope my husband-to-be will be just like my Lolo.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting Started

Hi my real name is Czharmaine Dae but my family and close friends call me LOVE...  for the past years I’ve been a blog reader and was fascinated by their posts regarding their experiences in their daily lives. Writing and posting anything under the sun such as their families, opinions, fashion, foods, places they have been too, etc. etc.

And now I'm starting my own blog to share also my thoughts and experiences. Hope you enjoy reading mine as well.