Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Party Since My Losing Weight Living

We were invited last night to a surprise party here at the hotel, it was held in one of the suites. I'm so proud to show that I just ate this (picture below) and a small size of chocolate cake.

Noodles and a small slice of roasted chicken with gravy

Party in one of our Executive Suite

The one with short hair (Tiya Pining) was the celebrant

We just stayed for a few minutes and then we all went down. Before fetching Cy I went to a salon for foot spa and pedicure and before we went home we had our dinner at Henlin which is not good according to Cy. I just had this chicken siopao for dinner since I ate already at the party. (so proud :D)

April 4, 2013

I'm on 1-10pm shift today at work, after I drove Cy to the bus station I bought Pandesal again for breakfast (they sell other kinds of bread too but in the afternoon only)...

I was so busy at home doing the laundry and preparing my things because Cy and I are going home to the province for a friend's wedding, my best cousin's college graduation and of course to unwind (I was working last holy week, hello?!), I didn't have the time to eat proper lunch, so my lunch was this...
Skyflakes biscuit and swiss miss

And my snack this 6pm and probably this is my dinner also (so full).
Grilled tuna sandwich, ate it with coffee

I decided that I will post my weight when I come back my vacation, this April 11.



Food that I Avoided

When I started my healthy living (lol) I decided not to eat courses with these, If I have no choice I just eat the vegetables in it or the sauce and put it on top of my rice, for a start...


Photo borrowed from here


Photo borrowed from here

But I still drink milk and eat cheese even though they are from cows, funny! I eat fish and chicken instead, my body still needs protein, right?



Wednesday, April 3, 2013


April 2, 2013...

I just had swiss miss chocolate milk drink and a slice of cassava cake for breakfast. And this is my lunch and dessert, still can't resist dessert I'm always looking forward for it during lunch time. I still didn't eat pork.

Sweet and sour tilapia with sinigang soup (love tabasco)


We drop-by at Symmetrix Design just visited our friend Donn, Cy had two bottles of beer and only piattos for me, no booze :D When we got home, ate scrambled eggs with tomatoes and basil and chicken cordon bleu (no pictures) I was so tired and too lazy to get my phone and hungry as well.

April 3, 2013...

This morning before going to work, we bought pandesal to go for breakfast inside our community.

Finished my two pieces pandesal with coffee at the office. And this was my lunch today (still have to work on lessening the rice) and dessert...
Ginataang Tambakol with Eggplant

Nido Soup

Turon ala Mode

I'm thinking if I will post my present weight or just myself and you can judge if there's a development this coming weeks.



Lose More, Live More

Last April 1, 2013 I started to control my food intake and  lose weight and NO it's not for April fool's day statement. I want to start living healthy, no exercise plan yet but we're getting there. So, for a start I took pictures of my breakfast, lunch and lunch dessert yesterday just to document what I eat. Didn't eat pork until today.

My Breakfast...

I drink my coffee with brown sugar (if possible and available) it's much healthier.

Caesar salad, french toast with strawberry jam and fried banana with cheese

My lunch with dessert...

Chopsuey and fried chicken with rice

Fruit Salad for dessert

I ate Jollibee palabok with fried chicken for dinner (no choice:)) it's the only resto near the airport with Jay my nephew and bother-in-law and Bomz. They're leaving for Singapore.

Will be posting more updates of my healthy living. :D


I started avoiding this too not healthy for the lungs, teeth and breath. :))