Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lose More, Live More

Last April 1, 2013 I started to control my food intake and  lose weight and NO it's not for April fool's day statement. I want to start living healthy, no exercise plan yet but we're getting there. So, for a start I took pictures of my breakfast, lunch and lunch dessert yesterday just to document what I eat. Didn't eat pork until today.

My Breakfast...

I drink my coffee with brown sugar (if possible and available) it's much healthier.

Caesar salad, french toast with strawberry jam and fried banana with cheese

My lunch with dessert...

Chopsuey and fried chicken with rice

Fruit Salad for dessert

I ate Jollibee palabok with fried chicken for dinner (no choice:)) it's the only resto near the airport with Jay my nephew and bother-in-law and Bomz. They're leaving for Singapore.

Will be posting more updates of my healthy living. :D


I started avoiding this too not healthy for the lungs, teeth and breath. :))



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