Saturday, February 23, 2013

I love yellow and I love cars

It's been awhile. To those who don’t know yet, my favorite color is yellow. I consider it a happy color and it's the color also of the sun whenever I do my coloring book when I was a kid. And the sun or the sunny weather represents a happy feeling to me... and there you go, why I love color Yellow. 

And about the cars, nothing I just love driving, one of my favorite hobby (seriously?!) and if ever I own one someday, of course it should be in yellow color (wish me a very blessed good luck with that). I remember my girlfriend Pia asking me, 'why a yellow car?' (we were in Philcoa that time, waiting for my sister and nothing do but stare at the road of Commonwealth Ave.) ... my answer was or still is 'so that when you're stuck in a heavy traffic your car can be easily seen or I'd rather say noticeable' :)) 

And by the way Bumblebee is a car also, right?

Missed you!

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