Thursday, September 27, 2012

100th Monthsary

Cy and I see to it that we still celebrate our monthsaries (every 26th of the month) even though we've been together for a couple of years already. And yesterday was our 100th monthsary, we went to Greenbelt 5, I haven't explored Greenbelt for the reason that shops there are super I can't afford. From louis vuitton, to gucci, prada, burberry and the like, so instead I just go to SM malls or Robinsons where I can really buy things that I can afford. So anyway, Cy and I we're supposedly go to Bonifacio High Street as planned but since it was so traffic we jump out of the jeepney when it passed by Greenbelt.

We strolled and strolled and strolled until our stomachs growled... we had our dinner at Bumba Gump Shrimp and Co. you will love their interiors...

Cy ordered the Kentucky Bourbon Skewers...

...and mine was Grilled Dory with Jambalaya

...Our food was so good except for our "snobbish" waitress, beware of the name 'tine'...ugh with an E!

...Thank you ddk, you made me happy last night! I love you!



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Missing Home (Albay)

Went home for a few days... and we did some Jason Bourning... my family and close friends know what it means hehe... some good news... there are new projects that our mommy is doing at home, our Lola is fine and doing well. Met again my German friends Miriam and Julia... visited a close friend from college (Dan) and saw the mass demo of my nephews Jay and Casey. And a bad news, I know I want our daddy to come home but not this way, this will be a reminder again for us that no matter what we, have to stick again like rice and hold on to the Almighty Guy above.

The peeping Mayon :D

Hope to see this beauty soon :D



(P.S. friends please pray for our Daddy)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blues, Bikes, Rock and Booze

If you feel like drinking on a Monday night with a budget of about 500 pesos, drop by at Roadhouse Manila Bay. Every Monday they offer drink-all-you-can-SMB light draft beer for only 350 pesos from 8pm until their closing time which is about 12-1am (it depends).

There was an event that night at the roadhouse, the 4 Acts Pay Tribute to the Era "Before Disco", the bands played blues and classic rock songs before 1971. Another reason why we went there because we watched Sam (our friend) played with his band and he and Cy got wasted tsk!

...the bald guy is Sam :D

...drinking with the BOSS :-/

Photo: from Jiji Abila (sam's friend)

To know more about the Roadhouse Manila Bay, click here.



Monday, September 3, 2012

Museum Tour

Busy again these past few days, been visiting museums lately...Department of Tourism invited several hoteliers around Manila. I was one of the representative of our company... yey so lucky! So here are some sneak shots from the museums we visited, will share them per museum. :D

It's love at first sight when I saw spolarium... texted Cy right away :D

I'm so fat really, need to get rid of it.