Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blues, Bikes, Rock and Booze

If you feel like drinking on a Monday night with a budget of about 500 pesos, drop by at Roadhouse Manila Bay. Every Monday they offer drink-all-you-can-SMB light draft beer for only 350 pesos from 8pm until their closing time which is about 12-1am (it depends).

There was an event that night at the roadhouse, the 4 Acts Pay Tribute to the Era "Before Disco", the bands played blues and classic rock songs before 1971. Another reason why we went there because we watched Sam (our friend) played with his band and he and Cy got wasted tsk!

...the bald guy is Sam :D

...drinking with the BOSS :-/

Photo: from Jiji Abila (sam's friend)

To know more about the Roadhouse Manila Bay, click here.



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