Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looking Forward (within this week)

Things and events I'm looking forward to this week or weekend...

1. These shoes (by August 2 this will arrive in brown color :D)

2. Cy's painting (hope we finish it before Friday)

3. To jog (I want to have those legs which is impossible I think :D)

4.) To be with these people again (I still have to text them first :D)

Hoping for a great weekend again :D



Monday, July 30, 2012

(Still) Rainy Weekend

Even it rained all weekend its not that dreadful for us, I washed our laundry and Cy did all the cooking from breakfast to dinner. I read a lot of blogs (as in a lot), while Cy's doing some carpentry works and when I woke up from my afternoon nap, this is what I saw...

I'm so happy Cy started to paint again, at first I'm just watching him I even ate instant noodles while watching...

And I didn't take it anymore my hands went itchy I wanted to brush some paint and he let me do some brushing lols! We had a great evening, I helped him with his painting while listening to Jam 88.3 all alternative rock music, last night (Sunday) it's all (almost) fantastic females from Alanis to Shanaia T. to Michelle Branch and etc. and by midnight I went to bed, I have a 7am duty in the morning.


My Blue Buddha (statue) friend is not that lonely than I thought here's why...

Here's where I live, my room is the right window and the left window is the bar guy's room.

Hope everyone had a great weekend :D

xoxo, L

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travel: Vigan City (Dine)

I ate a lot of cakes when we went to Vigan, the reason why... the price is so cheap imagine Php 65.00 per piece of cheesecake OMG! and the taste was so good  (heaven), try these cakes at Uno Cafe.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake

At Cafe Uno

Vigan or Ilocos province is very popular with their empanada, here's how they make it... we made friends also with irene's empanada owners and with their Vigan Vice Mayor Lulu.. How? It's a long story, will write that on my next post :D

Irene's Empanada (along Calle Crisologo)
Cy eating Emapnda

Irene(pink shirt) and husband beside her and Vice Mayor Lulu in floral

On our first day we had our breakfast at Irene's Empanada... Lunch and Dinner at Cafe Uno.

Bangsilog at Irene's Empanada (breakfast)

Sisig Bagnet and Ensaladang Mangga at Cafe Uno
Breakfast at Kusina Felicitas

to be cont... xoxo, L

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Real Holographic Display Worthy Of Iron Man

Do you want to design houses, cars and even robots like Iron Man, to know more click here.

New Virtual-Holographic Display Tool for Designers and Architects


Travel: Vigan City (things)

Things I really love during our Vigan visit... 

Interesting telephones, my first time to see the real (antique) thing.
Inside Padre Burgos Museum

Inside Padre Burgos Museum

Coolets (Hands Off) :D

Dial-up Telephone as per our Eng'g. Supervisor :D

Cy will kill me :D he told me to never post this in FB, well this is not FB lols!

at the reception desk of Cordillera Inn

at the reception desk of Grandpas Inn

while Cy was sleeping I strolled around the hotel and found these retro
phones... so cool noh? :D (even the fan)

Chandeliers and Lamps

At the lobby of Cordillera Inn

I find this cute (pink and green) hanging lamp, so chic :D 

Lampara (center piece)

Mr. Salt and Mrs Pepper are fighting
(see how far they are from each other...lols :D)

Jars and Lunchboxes

Water Jars (with faucet)

Cool!  they already have lunch boxes before :D

Musical Instruments

The lobby of Grandpas Inn (I remember our house with their floor)

Old trumpets and Piano


Retro Radio

And this where we stayed for the night, this is the coolest place ever, you will see a lot of interesting things inside their hotel, Cafe and restaurant... the paintings on their walls are even for sale (may kamahalan nga lang)... cheapest food and cheapest souvenirs.

to be cont. 



Monday, July 23, 2012

Rainy (heavy) Weekend

It rained so hard last weekend and it's my day off from work, I was waiting for a text from my sister if they're going to pick me up. While waiting I arranged some of my things inside the cabinet while eating sandwich and drinking coffee I can't do sight-seeing outside my window. See how heavy the rain was outside and I'm not feeling well when I woke up that morning until now (terrible cough).

While fixing my things suddenly I heard something dropped and OMG its my purse coin bank I bought from Tiwi, Albay

Nabiyak na sya :-( 

It broke into two, haay anyway I just counted how much I saved.
It's Php 178.50 :D 

Well, my family can't pick me up because they were already in Las PiƱas and the car was already full. My cousin Dimple will be spending the weekend with us. No choice but to take the bus going to Laguna. And when I arrived I'm home alone, I don't know where the were but my mommy and brother-in-law picked me up and we ate our dinner at RSM lutong bahay (pictures are still with Dimpz).


I can't go to church with them because I have a Sunday Duty (again) tsk! My weekend was great because of these bees...
my first time to see a beehive like this and it's just
outside the bathroom of my sister's house :D

Second I have new friend in the neighborhood...
...I call him water baby he keeps on smiling to me:D

...and of course these beautiful people :D
That's my cousin dimple in blue, my sister beside her my mom in front
and Jay my nephew my brother-in-law back at the camera and my sister
lot still closing the door.

My sister and brother-in-law went back to Singapore last night.



Friday, July 20, 2012

My Daily Friends

From Taft Avenue, I always walk to work, if it's raining hard I ride a pedicab. Mostly I do the walking, first to save money (because pedicab costs Php20.00 my goodness!!!) and second to lose some extra pounds (echos!).

Here are my three (statue) friends that I greet in the morning on my way to work and bid goodbye before going home. You may think I'm insane but they keep me entertained during my walks and every time I pass them by.

I call him Mr. Bouy :D

...meet Blue Buddha

...and Ginoong P. Ocampo (sorry for the blurry photo)

It's like having an imaginary friends (again)...