Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our New Mini Crib

We just move in last July 1 and last night was our first time to sleep in our new place. One jeepney ride going to work and the place is a bit peaceful. It's a two story building with a salon on the first floor and two bedroom units on the second floor. I'm sharing it with the bar guy, he's living next door.

When you enter here's the scenario (sensya na messy pa :D)
My TV set is so jurassic (what to do, it's still working serving me for the
past 5 years already) :D

Getting organize :D

My kitchen and food stuff (sitting pretty my ever-loved
coffee maker, making my day complete).

my foam bed no bed sheet yet :D

the room has one window only and this is the view
(nakakashokot - scarybels) :D

When you look down here's what you will see the back of the signage
of the salon parlor.

 the right there's a water refilling station (which will
not be a problem for me) :D

 the left is what I call a decaying house, lols!

And here's the door on your way out :D

New place, new faces, new beginning and new bigger rent. A lot of things to organize hay... Atleast I have peace of mind (who am I kidding :D)



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