Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Five Long-haired Sisters

Let me show you my four lovely sister but first here's our very loving parents Dionisio and Joy (thanks folks for the good genes) they met when they were still in College (so cheesy) at Divine Word College of Legazpi, both teachers by profession and  bookworms.
(photo: taken when we were in Houston, Texas 2001)
Mommy and Daddy with my sisters Chic and Lot

My sisters' names are so unique in spelling and combinations even mine as well.

Jodi-Gay (Ging)
Shievelou  (Lot)
Czharmaine Dae (Love) Me
Cherry Faith (Darling)
My sister's chic recognition (that's me holding her gifts). 
Checking-out our new house :D (kalangkawan - MaraƱo Heights)

It's our birthday... I just turned 5 and Nini just turned 3 :D (with our brother
from a different parents as what my sister Lot says... nonoy) 

my 18th birthday

and this was last 2009 I think at Batangas :-)

...really, I'm so blessed having them as my sisters, we fight a lot when we're still young even now... but we're real, we even make mistakes and we forget we forgive, they have the best sense of humor in Kalangkawan (lols), we literally Laugh Out Loud, we love each other and stick together like rice. :D.



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