Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Let's Paint the Town Red Week

When you said "Let's Paint the Town Red" drinking booze and having fun with friends is always on my mind. So I searched in Google on what's really the meaning of this idiomatic phrase and it's almost the same meaning but more deeper and wild. 

According to thisThe "Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins" by William and Mary Morris states: "paint the town red. This colorful term for a wild spree, especially one involving much drinking, probably originated on the frontier. In the nineteenth century the section of town where brothels and saloons were located was known as the 'red light district.' So a group of lusty cowhands out for a night 'on the town' might very well take it into their heads to make the whole town red."

But don't worry I didn't go wild last week, I just wore ensembles with the shade of red. so here goes...




THURSDAY - I'm on extra day-off, accompanied my Daddy to his therapy.


SATURDAY - I'm still wearing with a shade of red but its more on the shade of pink so I will not post it.

I was about to wear this dress on a Monday day but it seems missing and I can't find it anymore.

I'm finished with the shades of dark, blue and now red. And next week I will wear the color of an attitude.



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