Monday, July 8, 2013

Masquerade Party 2012

I just wanna share the prayer I prayed during our Christmas 2012 Masquerade Party. I searched in the internet and I forgot the link where I got it... for me this is very touching between my colleagues, workplace and family.  

"We thank you Lord for gathering us today.
We thank you most of all for giving us a reason to celebrate each year...
...a chance to reunite with friends and co-workers,
...a chance to enjoy each other's company
...and a chance to reconcile and to leave the past behind
so that we may look forward to better working
relationships in the coming year,
2012 has generally been a good year for all of us
and we thank you for the blessings you have given.
There were setbacks yes, but we trust that these are only ways 
for You to open up new doors and new opportunities for us.
Bless our gathering today and bless this place
and bless each and everyone and our families as well.
we will soon welcome a new year and we will step into it
with full trust in you who makes all good things possible.
Bless us with joy, peace, good health, prosperity
and most of all wisdom to know how to attain all these.
To You be Glory forever. Amen."

And here's the program made by our senior telephone operator...

And here's some snap shots of the party...

My practicumers

With Tina and necklace courtesy of Iza

A night to remember always...

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