Thursday, August 16, 2012

More of Vigan (and side trip to Bangui)

As promised here's more of Vigan... We stayed at Granpa's Inn with very accommodating staff they even surprised us with anniversary thingy in our room, the rate is so cheap, the room is clean and they even accept credit card yey!

Sorry for the bad photos we didn't know what happened to our camera that night, by the way Crisologo St. is so beautiful even at night so nostalgic.

Vigan Vice Mayor Lulu (floral blouse) and Irene's empanada owners Irene (pink shirt).

So here's the story how we made friends with them. After Cy found out that he lost his cell phone we went back right away to Irene’s Empanada because as far as he remember he asked permission from the waitress of Irene’s if he can charge his cell phone. But when we got there Cy’s phone was gone already (Together with the charger take note!) and the waitress told us that she didn't notice it because there were a lot of customers arrived when we left. So I just gave them my cell phone number in case someone (with a good heart and conscience) might return it to them and I told her we are staying in Vigan over night. Cy was so pissed and he decided that we look for a hotel and rest.

He slept the whole afternoon while I explore and take photos of the hotel, later that evening we decided to go back to Irene’s to try their empanada. So, me as a very talkative person I made chikka with the two new waitresses (reliever of the morning shift I think) while Cy bought 2 sodas outside. So I told them the whole story, I didn't notice that the other lady leave and went to their main branch and told the story to the daughter of the owner, then the daughter talked to me and once again I told her the story and she asked for my cell phone number and I told her as well that we are staying in Grandpa’s Inn.

So after that, we strolled around the Crisologo St. and saw this jam-packed restaurant Café Leona (someone told me that the owner is the youngest sister of Chavit) the food must be good since there's a lot of people. We ordered pasta, but while we're waiting my phone rang and it was the owner of Irene’s Empanada and told me that someone retuned Cy’s phone so I hurriedly told the cashier of Café Leona that we’re coming back and we are just going somewhere very important. So right away we went to the main branch of Irene’s Empanada together with their daughter Rovie. When we arrived, the owners Irene and husband Bobby (I think) together with the Vice Mayor of Vigan Ms. Lulu and Brgy. Kagawads were having dinner and some drinks. So we stayed, had some drinks as well and talked about how the cell phone returned to them, the owner told us that “someone” gave it back. Cy and I didn't investigate further, we just thanked them at least Cy’s phone was returned to him (but without the simcard take note again!). These people are so nice even Vice Mayor Lulu accompanied us back to Café Leona, so that's how we became friends with them. (Novela noh?!)

"What a night!" That's how Cy described it, because after the V-Mayor Lulu dropped us at Cafe Leona we saw my Auntie Kulo the eldest sister of Daddy. They attended the wedding of my niece.

Tip: If you are going to Vigan for two days only (like us) just explore the whole city, unlike us there are several places we should have gone to, like the Syquia Mansion, Hidden Garden, even the Pagburnayan and more museums. Thinking that Bangui Windmills is just 2 hours travel (told us by some locals) we did some adventures which turned out to be 4 hours travel. We should have stayed in Vigan instead of just sitting on a bus, well no regrets at least now we know and Bangui Windmills is world class destination.



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