Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I hate Vito Cruz

Here's why I hate Vito Cruz (today)...the forever disease of Metro Manila...

...added to these are the ever opportunist pedicab drivers.

But last night... update on Cy's painting.

I brought him doggie-bag of fried squid (cross fingers on his allergies), I watched the Lying Game a new TV series I'm watching on ETC while Cy's cooking dinner.

After dinner, the painting started again and went to bed again by 12 midnight leaving Cy still painting (he's not yet sleepy).
Please oh Lord give us some sun, I can't post new pictures of our mini crib because the ceiling is leaking please bare with me. I already told our Landlady about that but the cement must be dried off before they put on a sealant (haaayyy Nakakainis De Belen). Well, what to do with this weather but pray for Mr. Sun to shine again.


Our Peebo needs grooming already lols! He keeps on watching us while painting.

I don't know if this true ah... I'm so happy Girl Hydrant have viewers (audience) from RUSSIA. The fact that I don't know anyone from there. Hehehe thanks!

xoxo, L

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