Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flood (not just) in Sta. Ana Manila

I didn't go to work yesterday because of the terrible and non-stop rain (maybe it's the wrath of Dear GOD already) that causes the flood everywhere in and outside of Metro Manila. I stayed at Cy's place since Monday evening and that's the time when the water came into their house and I'm all alone because Cy was still at the office until 10pm. Adrenaline rush came into me and I carried all the sofas and put them on the dining table, the water came so fast and I panicked but just a bit because I'm so used to flood (Hello? I'm from the province where storms and typhoons are regular visitors).

Cy cooking lunch and dinner...

...while me and Peebo keeping it dry lols!

Just read this book the whole day yesterday and finished it last night.
A very good book and a must read (suspense-thriller), for more info click here.

I insisted going to work this morning even though  there's still flood outside.

Keep safe everyone and please pray.



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