Monday, June 10, 2013

You're Stronger Than You Think

My thoughts months ago, since this is also my online journal...

If you will think that you're weak, you will be weaker and weaker as the days go by...

I just want to make you understand that I'm not a sales person anymore. Mostly, sales man owns their time whenever they work... they can do their job at the office, at home or even in Starbucks and sometimes presence is not that important in their jobs. They can communicate thru phone calls and email their clients.

Before, I can meet you anytime whenever you all needed me because I manage my time. But now, may I just remind you (once again) that I'm not in that field anymore. I'm a hotelier already it means my job demands my time and presence every time I'm at work. I have to deal with guest's complains, supervise the staff if they needed me and I can't even leave my post until the next Duty Manager arrives. Sometimes I have to sacrifice certain engagements, commitments even family gatherings just to do my job. You saw me at work and it really needs presence.

I know we have a car and sorry if I didn't drive you to the terminal because of my job and this made you mad because you said you're not that strong anymore to commute. What If I don't know how to drive, will you be madder because I don't have the skills? If you are having a hard time walking because of your knee or foot problem, there's a lot of transportation that can bring you to your destination without getting tired and there's my sister to accompany you also.

Sometimes we need to think and understand each other's situation because that's what family do or does.


You are still much stronger than these woman.

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