Monday, October 22, 2012

Teary Monday (But look on the brighter side)

Last Saturday evening my sister Ate Lot left to US to bring our Daddy home because he is sick. Daddy went to the US way back in 2000 to work and the last time I saw him was December of 2001 when we went to there to spend Christmas and most of all to experience snow. As far as I remember I requested him that, I went there together with my sister Darling and Mommy we can’t bring our other sisters because they’re already above 21 (US laws and policy).

Liberty Park, New York City

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Downtown Philadelphia

Love - University of Pennsylvania
I took this one at Honda Service Center, Houston

University of Pennsylvania
With friends and co-workers of Daddy in Houston Texas
When Friendster (before) and facebook (now) became a trend we’re always saying to Daddy that he should make an account to see our latest pictures and family gatherings here in the Philippines, he would always say that I forgot my passwords and just send it in my email. I always tell him it is much easier to see the pictures in Facebook but still he rather use his email. But eventually he made an account in FB but with no pictures of him, our Daddy is not that techie he doesn't even know how to upload pictures. My sister Lot gifted him a digicam because we’re really wanted to see what he looks like already, he doesn't even know how to skype. And then one day I received an email from Ate Lot she said ‘do you wanna see what Daddy looks like?’ I said of course I do and here’s his picture way back 2009.

I told Ate Lot that he looks old already with the white hair and wrinkled face and everything, but we’re glad that we saw his latest photos. I posted this in FB and my other sister Chic saw it, she asked me where did I get the photo? It was sent to me by Ate lot through email she even said wow long hair!

And this morning the first thing I did was I checked my facebook because I left a message to Ate Lot if she’s already there. And the first thing I saw in my news feed was this photo and there you go tears chasing each other down my cheeks.

After 3 years, this is what he looks like now. I cried this whole day even now while writing this blog entry, my cousin tintin even texted me that my eldest sister cried too when she saw this photo. The only thing that uplifts my spirit and my mood today was a text from tintin she said "the good thing here is that you can still see him grows old, he will be here already at your wedding to you walk you down the aisle" "kmusta naman ako? she said in my case I can't see him (her Daddy) anymore, what he looks like or does he even laugh that loud when he's old, you know things like." Look at the brighter side :D



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