Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weigh In

Sorry for the late post, been busy at work and home so many errands to do and since I don't have a laptop I just update my blog thru the computers at work during my break-time and after working hours.

So anyway, as from my last post Cy and I went home to our province... First to attend my best cousin's graduation (another nurse in the clan)... FINALLY!!! We are so proud of you praym...

And second Cy and I were part of the entourage of a college and long time friend's wedding. Time well spent with our long time friends, some are already working outside the country, some have families already and some are just busy like us. It wasn't just a wedding but a reunion also.

And as promised before our vacation, I weigh 85 kilos or 187 lbs (help me lose or get rid of those super extra pounds) and those are my latest photos.



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